If you are dealing with watery weeds and grass, the best knife blade would be the Weedwakka. A lot of gardeners are already using that blade and is satisfied. For highly wet and thicker grass, Airecut blade by KIWI would be the best choice. As the name implies, they are designed for mulching leaves and they are not widely used. I have never used one but I have contacted some people who used it, and according to them, they work well on mulching leaves and branches. They are completely different from the previous blades which come with sharpened edges.

Besides, the installation may appear tricky, which will not please most users. Likewise, after a torrential downpour, you can cut through the grass without experiencing clamping. Additionally, it features sturdy construction, ensuring it will last a long time, and you don’t have to worry about it breaking down in the middle of work. For all the good things about it, you’ll be disappointed to see that it leaves behind a grass trail. Therefore, many customers will not like the fact that it’ll be challenging on occasions to get deeper cuts. You’ll also need to clean up later, which is a bit of a hassle.

pros and cons of mulching blades

The cutting performance of the Oregon G3 blade is of high quality and results in energy and time savings. Oregon G3 gator blades are suitable and used for lawnmowers which spread the grass cuttings back on the lawn as fine trashes. In this way, the fine trash acts as a natural fertilizer to your lawn grass. Gator G3 blades are efficient in lifting the grass and exposing them to an extended cutting blade. These blades are particularly designed to re-trim the grass clippings several times before they are discharged. The jagged edge design of the blades is very efficient in that it cuts down grass quicker even the toughest grass.

#2 What Will Be The Right Side Of The Blade To Put On The Upper Side?

Probably will do the same this year as it seemed very good for hedges and grass was fine. I remove the leaves using the lawn mower which mulches them and then compost them. Our 1/4 acre lot is surrounded on 3 sides by large 90 foot trees. For the first few years, we blew and raked the leaves, removing them from the grass.

The lawn had responded very well and I’ll never rake again. Some landscaping professionals and lawn experts say you can do just that, by mulching that fallen foliage with your lawn mower instead of raking and bagging. Actually, JD calls for a 1/64″ break or less, which for you guys using old math, that’s 0.0156″ not 1/16″ which is 0.0625″.

With the chute off it disperses the clippings even better but if the wind direction is just right you will get them on you. But with the greater cutting surface of the Maxpower Gold Metal Mulching Blade, you have much better mulching. Also, the centrifugal air lift design is great for uniform chopping and a nice and even distribution of grass.

This should be incorporated into your maintenance routine. When pitted or fouled, these elements cannot ignite their fuel vapors. The spark plugs may become covered with carbon, dirt, as well as oil. For that reason, it is important to change the spark plugs to avoid interference with power continually. Given the right care, it never loses its sharpness for an extended period of time; hence you do not have to waste time sharpening the blade from time to time. The holes at the blade’s center are six-pointed instead of five-pointed making them capable of fitting in different brands.

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Everyone knows the process of mowing grass can be a time-consuming, two-phase operation. If you’re sick of spending your weekend collecting grass clippings, you’re not alone. Faced with the longstanding question of how to deal with the clippings left behind after a long afternoon of mowing, CalRecycle offers a fresh approach — do nothing. Leveling gauge allows quick and accurate mower deck leveling and cutting height adjustment. The replacement toe guard is intended to remain on the mower deck and to be used for any mower application – bagging, side discharging, or mulching.

Just slide the convenient Clip Director® knob to choose how much grass is bagged or mulched. Each of the blades is 17.9-inch long and 2.5-wide which makes them the perfect fit for a 50-inch deck. The blades are made from premium high-grade carbon steel that has been specially heat-treated to ensure they will not dent or break easily. As the blade has a bow tie center hole, it is very easy to install and ensures an exact fit on your mower.

Well, it can help to add some mulch or pine straw to the bedding in our yards. If you’re still new to the property care game, don’t worry—we have the rundown on mulch vs. pine straw below. These components are also included with the 6.5-bu (229-L) rear bagger attachment to provide support and attaching capability. Every owner of a John Deere riding lawn and garden product is a potential customer for a high-quality, affordable utility cart.

A156 ( Hustler 48 Fastrak Blades Gator Style Zero Turn Mower

The next week, with the full mulch kit I was able to get rid od any clumps left the 1st week as they were dry by then. High lift blades are ideal for bagging your grass clippings. If you side discharge, the increased air flow can toss and disburse clippings further. These blades do quite well and are more than adequate for cutting and side discharging grass and grass clippings. When we start our guides, we love talking about our top picks.

pros and cons of mulching blades

The Maxpower Universal Blade is the best 21 inch mulching blade if you are looking for something sharp and durable with an universal fit. It has a larger cutting surface than most blades and gives you a nice uniform cut. There are some circumstances when collecting your grass clippings is warranted. If you see signs of lawn disease, pick up the clippings to avoid spreading the problem.

Mulching mowers have small blades that repeatedly cut the grass to reduce its size. This type of grass is healthier for the lawn as it returns the nutrients to the ground. However, a two-function mower may jam continuously when cutting tall grass. The Greenworks G-Max 16-inch cordless lawn mower has a narrow cutting deck that allows it to pass through tight areas. This push mower has a 45-minute runtime, allowing users to cut up to a half acre on one charge. It comes with a charger, one battery, and a detachable bagger.

I had to double cut on this mow, but usually clippings are gone the next day. I typically side discharge and hardly ever see clippings laying around the next day. In terms of durability, the gold plating works well to preserve the blade for long term usage. We find that it lasts longer than most of its competition and won’t break if you accidentally hit a rock. Overall, this is a well made blade that performs well. Also, it fits most of the mowers we tried it on and we can’t really say the same for other brands.

Re: Mulch Vs Side Discharge

Besides, zero-turn mowers are faster than lawn tractors. This quality makes the device a perfect option for mowing wide areas in half the time allocated for a single mowing session. At the same time, steering is usually controlled using the handles that spearhead the operations of the drive wheel. If a wheel is stopped and then the other one engaged, then the turning device’s turning radius will be reduced to nothing. Regardless of the disadvantages of using a zero-turn lawnmower, it is still better than a lawn tractor. The out-front feature of a zero-turn mower allows the machine to effectively mow different areas in a unique way that a tractor cannot.

The number of sharpened edges in the blade plays a big role in how the blade will perform. The Husqvarna Z254F Z-Turn Mower offers great value for money as it has a durable construction, a powerful engine, and lets you cut more grass within a short time. However, it may not be great at cutting wet grass as it may clog up the blades. This lawnmower packs plenty of power with a 27 horsepower engine. It comes with a 61-inch deck with a three-blade cutting system. This makes it an efficient lawnmower for commercial projects.

Furthermore, the brand model also fits entirely other mulching blade brands of the USA. The simple spindle shape design of the mower blade provides ease in the installation. Stens mulching lawn mower blade comes with a five-point star hole design. It is available either in a single blade and also as a set of four mulching blades. The MaxPower S model mower blade is one of the most massive blades with a sharp cutting edge.


You may damage the grass if you use the old blades – the lawn may become brown, and there can appear pests. Using a drill and sharpening stone is the best way to sharpen. Of course, you can use the rotary tool, bench grinder, pros and cons of mulching blades angle grinder, but it seems to be too difficult. Also, you can ask professionals to sharpen your blades if you don’t want to do it yourself. However, it delivers very high performance and has a smooth cutting action.

In push mowers, power is usually relative to engine size. For the mower to have enough power to avoid bogging down in thick patches of grass, it needs an appropriately sized engine. The best push mowers are frustration-free, easy to use, and provide consistent results. Some of these machines even propel themselves, allowing the user to follow behind comfortably. Easy-starting, fuel efficient, and powerful, Honda’s premium residential GCV200 engine delivers even more power and torque than its predecssor.

If the grass gets too long and mowing at your normal cutting height will remove more than 1/3 the length of the grass blades, raise the height on your mower. Mow once at the raised cutting height, then again in a different direction at the normal height. High lift bagging blades are included with the rear bagger. They provide optimum performance when bagging in difficult conditions, such as when the grass is moist, dense, or long. An optional 6.5-bu (230-L) cut-and-throw rear bagger material collection system is available for use with the 42-in. It provides an efficient means of collecting grass clippings and leaves.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Push Mower

If you’re only cutting a third of the grass, you’re obviously producing very short clippings. The Basics Grasscycling, if performed correctly, can benefit most types of grass and work in most types of weather conditions. Decio notes that mowers with mulching capacity achieve the best performance. Mulching blades cut and recut the grass blades into smaller pieces than standard mowing blades and blow them down into the turf. These short clippings are not very noticeable on the lawn and they quickly decompose.


After the mowing process comes to an end, you will have achieved an awesome and admirable look. First of all, you should remove the old blades, so you will be able to set the new pair. However, some models don’t require this – you may just unplug the spark plug to reach the blades. Then you should use the additional instrument to remove the bolt. It usually doesn’t require much effort and is safe for you, but I recommend doing this when there is no gas in the mower. The high-lift blades are designed to offer cut funnel grass clippings and push them into the storage bags for more straightforward disposal.

Toro 22 Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 59534p

Now, we’re going to delve into the actual pros and cons. Tackle large-scale landscaping projects with ease with the Beast 62-Inch Zero Turn Mower. It comes with a hydraulic drive system that’s designed for large-scale commercial applications. It also has a large 62-inch deck with heavy-duty, seven-gauge steel construction for durability.

Disadvantages include their expensive purchase price, fuel and maintenance costs, as well as the production of noise and pollution. The first ones are swiveling front tires while the second types are large drive tires. Some brands come with a small and pivoting fifth wheel, usually mounted at the center of the device right behind the driver.

  • At this moment, you will realize that the weather can spell some trouble for your lawns as well as equipment.
  • Of course, you can use the rotary tool, bench grinder, angle grinder, but it seems to be too difficult.
  • (0.64-cm) increments for excellent cut quality and performance.
  • The perfect cutting-edge blade will help in finely cutting the grass.
  • Larger mowers, such as those with 21-inch decks, can make short work of a larger yard.
  • Convenient height adjustment levers to set mowing height for lawn conditions.
  • Improved vacuum effect for a tidier cutting experience and a more pleasant process.

With the bow tie center hole, you’ll get a universal fit, thereby saving you from the trouble of having to buy a compatible lawn mower. The best part about the blades, however, is their excellent balance. Furthermore, the 5-point star center hole ensures it fits most lawn mowers, saving you the trouble of changing your machine.

This large 22-inch blade will maximize the cutting surface of your mower so that every cut is done right the first time. The blade has a 5-pointed star center hole which makes it very easy to install and it has been pre-sharpened for immediate use. You will know when it is time to replace the old blade. After you have mowed the lawn, the cut will look uneven and you may have to do several passes to make sure the cut is done right.

This will decrease the amount of strain on the engine and eventually, the blades will be up to speed, the machine should function without sputter or complaint. The other option is referring to the owner’s manual under the replacement parts area. Another drawback from the reviews is that random blades of grass stick out here and there during the mulching process. Although for new users the 5-point mount can be a little difficult to get right. However, it ensures a secure fit and assists the mower to maintain its best RPM with the blades installed. The Maxpower XB commercial replacement 2-mulching blade set stands out due to its longevity and quality build.

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